About the MayheM-7 company

MayheM-7 is a graphical design company based in Southern California's L.A. area. It was founded by Danish designer Tore Andersen in 2011. MayheM-7 solely produces graphical content. All printing, shipping, customer care and RMA, is handled by our trusted long-term partner SpreadShirt. SpreadShirt is a Canadian founded company, but operates from the US, ensuring the best quality (US produced) apparel, along with other apparels. SpreadShirt has a wide variety of brands and clothing styles, so you can choose exactly the kind you prefer, and combine it with any MayheM-7 design.

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Contact info

Questions, ideas or comments are always welcome: mayhem7shop@gmail.com


About the designs

MayheM-7 design styles:
Latest Designs: Here you will find the newest creations, regardless of category. (Except NSFW designs)
MayheM-7: This category if strictly for our logo and designs based off of it.
Funny: Funny designs of all kinds. Some may seem a little random, where others are more main-stream. Some are even a little provocative, and might not be funny to anyone.
Anonymous: Designs to support the fight against corruption anywhere in the world. Anonymous are mistaken by many to be a bunch of hackers. In reality, Anonymous are a powerful activist group that fight against corrupt authorities, censorship and regulation of public media/data. They fight for freedom of speech and free roaming on the internet.
Invasion Defender: The Alien Invasion Defender designs are a retro-future style, inspired by war machinery form the 40s.
Extraterrestrial: Designs with USOs, Aliens, Strange phenomena and anything out of this world.
Monster mayheM: Classic "scary" monster designs with a unified 50s-B-horror-movie style.
Slender Man: Designs with the mythical creature from the woods. The Slender Man is unique in the way that "he" was "found" in very reason years. Late 90s / early 2000s. The myth around the Slender Man actually started on the internet, on a forum for lost children. Parents would put up pictures of their missing children, in hope that someone would see them, and get in touch if they had any info about their child. However, people started noticing that on quite a few of the pictures, in fact so many that it couldn't just be coincidence, a tall weird looking creature was present in the shadows. People then started making fake photo's to start rumors, and the myth was born. 99.9% is of cause just fiction, but the original pictures from the missing children's forum are still strange and difficult to explain. And not a single one of the children were ever found again. One theory is that the Slender Man is some sort of alien, who abducted a bunch of children. Another theory is that every single thing is just made up, and that the parents who were putting op the pictures of their missing kids, all edited the photos, and put in the same kind of never-before-seen creature. None of the two theories make much sense.
Political: These designs are mostly expressions of views and problems in today's politics.
Game Art: Designs inspired by computer games of all genres.
Retro Pixel Art: Old school computer graphics in 8-bit & 16-bit. Mostly from the 90s Amiga demo scene, but also from C64 and early PC.
Comic Art: Anything comic, manga and cartoon related. Mostly unique designs with no relation to already established characters, but also some that would be considered fan art.
Movie Art: Designs inspired by movies of all genres.
Music Art: Designs inspired by music, bands and parties.
Outlaw: Designs with a Wild West theme.
For Kids: Designs that mostly relate to kids.
Other: Any designs that doesn't fit any of the categories above.
All Designs: All of the above categories in one.

MayheM-7 NSFW Designs (Not Safe For Work):
Go Green: Funny and political designs with weed and smoking. Some of the designs contain women in provocative outfits, and since smoking weed is not looked at in the same light everywhere, this category has been placed under NSFW.
Real Women: Funny designs that contain girls in very skimpy outfits.
Call of Booty: Spin-off of the Call of Duty game brand. The name is obvious, and the designs are made to look alike, except that they contain girls that match the category name.
Lowrider: Designs of classic cars and Latina girls in bikinis.
Lowrider Bike: Designs with motorcycles and hot girls.
Lowrider CCCP: Funny designs with rust old Russian vehicles and Russian models. These designs are making fun of the traditional car & model theme. Worth checking out if you like the classic theme, but don't mind a new and funny angle on it.
Fat Beats: Designs with hip-hop models and music events.
Sail in Style: Funny designs of hot girls and boats, inspired by the movie Step Brothers with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.
Dance: Designs with provocatively dressed dance models.
Other: Any other designs that contain girls in skimpy outfits or has controversial statements.
All NSFW Designs: All of the NSFW designs in one.

Underwear: Underwear with text that glow in the dark.

MayheM-7: Wallpapers with some of the most popular designs in full HD.
S.B.P.: Wallpapers from the Skyrim Beautification Project.